Unorthodox accommodation rental in Ardèche3 Ecolodge / 4 Canada

Feel like a holiday in the Ardèche, but not sure about camping since you’ve done it before, or you don’t have the equipment, or you have young children? This unorthodox bungalow, half tent and half wooden hut, is perfect for a peaceful and hassle-free holiday!

This accommodation offers a solution midway between true camping under a tent and the comfort of a mobile home. If you’re on a budget, it’s also a great alternative for a cosy holiday in Ardèche!

La Turelure campsite has 2 types of fully equipped tents without lavatory facilities for you to try out unorthodox accommodation in the great outdoors.

They are installed on magnificent shaded plots facing the river and close to the lavatory block. Our unorthodox tents are all equipped for sleeping and cooking, complete with storage and garden furniture.

Ecolodge Tents

2 bedrooms – 4 people – 17sq.m.

Ecolodge Tent
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Canada Tents

2 bedrooms – 4/5 people – 20sq.m.

Canada Tent
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