At La Turelure, I respect nature

Coming on holiday in the Ardèche means coming into contact with rejuvenating landscapes, people and cultures.
The Ardèche is a wild and natural destination: it has no motorways and no trains, never mind an airport.
You’ve got to make an effort to get to Camping La Turelure!

That’s is why, when you’re on holiday here, we’d like you to remember: “To take part in protecting and not destroying what you came here for”.

It’s precisely for this reason that we take great care of our environment, respecting local species, fauna and flora. Our campsite is an ideal playground for nature lovers, and we’re constantly trying to develop its natural assets.
Help us to preserve our campsite sustainably!

We adopt concrete measures at all levels, on a daily basis, particularly through control of water and energy consumption, through eco-friendly waste management, or through leisure activities that do not harm nature…

Nature at the campsite

Genuinely green in practice

1 On the grounds

  • Respecting trees and local species, which are more resistant to the local climate. Annual pruning by a service provider who respects natural cycles and favours reasonable pruning over felling. We regularly replace the trees if necessary
  • Layout of flowerbeds to create green spaces (local aromatic plants) and floral: in the parking lot, at reception, between the alleys, by the lavatory block
  • Installing rental accommodation while respecting plant life
  • Large pitches (over 150 m² on average, rising to 300 m² for some), with natural boundaries formed by trees or hedges
  • Solar-powered lamp posts along the campsite alleys, in the parking lot, and by the lavatory block
    Water fountains fitted with Presto taps
  • Charging station dedicated for electric or hybrid cars
  • Water fountains fitted with Presto taps
  • Waste recycling (household waste, recyclable waste, glass), including green waste with a composter. We encourage you to go to the Uzer recycling centre for any bulky or non-recyclable product
  • Use of sustainable products (wood) for the design of the reception area and the snackbar/terrace
  • Swimming in the river, in natural water

2 In the rental accommodation

  • Sorting bins for waste
  • Low consumption bulbs or LEDs
  • Flow reducers on taps
  • Dual flow flush
  • Eco-behaviour awareness stickers
  • Key-operated ignition switch to reduce power consumption in case of absence

3 At the lavatory block

  • Lavatory facilities equipped with solar panels to heat the water for showers and sinks
  • Presto taps
  • Dual flow flush
  • Solar-powered motion detectors
  • Use of phytosanitary products with the greatest respect for our environment
  • Raising awareness of how to use less water and electricity